Review about Services

Everyone needs a little help in their academic journey. Sometimes having someone to give you a new view on your subject or having someone outside of your classroom to bounce ideas off is just what you need to reignite your imagination and make your work stand out. The academic world is rigorous and demanding, and sometimes your workload is just too high to handle without support.

Review about Services

If you cannot compose a good essay, you cannot succeed. So, sometimes having a tutor to work with you on an essay is exactly what you need. is a new company that offers you exactly that kind of help. I was curious as to whether they do what they claim to do, so I decided to find out.

My first impression about

My first impression of the company was that it is simple. They are offering only one thing: academic support. If that is what you need, that is what they will give you. The first thing I saw was an image of an enthusiastic student guiding you to the “Get Help Now” button. In order to find help with whatever your assignment might be, all you have to do is ask a question!

In three easy steps, StudyFAQ will take you from confused to confident.

  1. Post your question for free.
  2. Choose the best tutor to help you.
  3. Get an answer and review your tutor.

Review about Services

Were they helpful?!

That looks great, but how quickly can they deliver? Sometimes, your deadline is close. So, I wrote to their live chat customer support with some questions. It was late at night, and I wondered if anyone would answer me. I got an answer within seconds! I spoke with two of their customer service agents. Both were prompt and polite. Both had answers to all the questions I asked. They guided me through the website to where I needed to go next.

So, next, I did what the website prompted me to do and I asked my question. After clicking the “Get Help Now” button, I was immediately taken to a page where tutors were bidding for my assignment. Watching the StudyFAQ website at work was fun. It is an interactive site that keeps you updated on the status of your request constantly. You can see the academic machines at work!

When I sent my question, I discovered that they have 87 subjects in which they assist people. I could custom-tailor my order. And the really interesting detail was that I did not have to pay my tutor until my assignment was completed and I was happy with the results. Because of that, I was virtually guaranteed success in my academic work!

Review about Services

What about prices?

On the bidding page, within seconds, there were 19 tutors bidding for my assignment. Help writing a 2-page essay would cost me between $24 and $30. When I saw that, I knew I would find the help I was looking for. I could look through the profiles of all the tutors and decide for myself which one would be the right tutor for me. On this page, I could see how many assignments each tutor had worked on and what the topics were.

I could also see the reviews from StudyFAQ clients and their feedback to those clients. Browsing all that information really gave me a good idea of what kind of service I was dealing with. When I found a tutor I liked, I was able to open up a live chat, immediately. It was quick. It was easy. I could ask all the questions I wanted to about the experience they may have had with my topic and they answered me.

In less than an hour, I went from feeling helpless to knowing I had found someone who could help me get what I wanted: a well-written essay!

In the end

So, if you need help with your academic essay, here is what can offer you:

Review about Services

  • Unlimited 24/7 service and support;
  • Help to solve your most complicated questions;
  • Tutors in 87 subjects;
  • Quality work;
  • Safety for your work and your pocketbook.

Be ready to get qualified help with essay writing!