Review about Services

I’m sure many of you are fans of Criminal minds and Law and Order. I was also, before I started the law school. It’s not at all as interesting and intriguing, as it seems. After hours and hours of learning laws by heart and burring yourself in the books, you realize that you will never graduate unless you get qualified help. Which is by the way completely legal – that I can tell you as a future prosecutor!

Review about Services

Trial, Error and

I chose writing service for a special reason – it appeared to me at the time of my searches that this was the least advertised service and in my mind it decreased my chances of being exposed. I then noticed that they started to get more and more popular, but at that stage I already had my trusted writer and privacy wasn’t of concern anymore.

Review about Service

That’s why I didn’t check reviews from other students – I had to make my own decision. And I decided to try the service with my 5-page paper entitled: “Classification of suspect descriptions”.

Review about EssayBison Services

I liked that they use a lot of infographics on their website and the way it’s structured seemed very logical to me. But at that time I knew little about WHAT to expect in my paper.

How creative can a legal paper be?

To be honest at first I wasn’t going to write any EssayBison review – why jeopardize yourself, right? But there were three things that made me change my mind:

  • Customer Support

I did my fair share of mistakes while ordering the paper: I accidently assigned the paper not to the writer that I actually intended to and noticed it only after I was sent the first chapter of my essay for review. Can you believe it?

Well, what you will really have trouble believing is that this nice guy from EssayBison support, Mike, talked to the writer, explained the situation to him and allowed me to change the writer for the rest of the paper! I didn’t pay an extra penny for this.

  • Creativity of the Writer

When ordering a paper everybody is more concerned about plagiarism, writers’ experience and reviews, grammar mistakes and etc. But what I received in my mail killed all those concerns at once.

Review about EssayBison Service

The writer didn’t just write in perfect academic English. He actually hand drawn the scratches of suspects facial types! I couldn’t believe it at first and spent a good day searching the web for similar pictures. But it’s legit – my essay was the only one with unique illustrations in appendix. How cool is that?

  • Payment System

Over the years I’ve become used to having problems with online payments using my American Express card – it’s like a ritual that accompanies every purchase!

Review about EssayBison Services

I don’t know what these guys did – but the change went through only after I approved the paper and I didn’t have to do anything else: no annoying bank calls, no additional pop-up windows and etc.

Conclusion-Infusion for No Confusion

I rarely write reviews and do it only if the service or company really surprised me. Well, Essay Bison did. If you are still wondering “is legit” – go ahead and give it a try!