Review about Services

I placed an order for an undergraduate course, specifically a case study on the Effects of Modern Technology among Indigenous Communities in South America. It was a five-page paper and was due for delivery in 24 hours.

Review about Services

There are a lot of things I need to do so I opted to ask for professional writer’s help. has a very encouraging website and sweet promises. Some things easily noticeable with

  • Simple, straightforward website interface.
  • User-friendly drop-down tabs.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Quality, plagiarism-free paper.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Placing your order

For a five-page case study with an approximate word count of 1,375, I was quoted USD 115.00 at It’s worth almost a week’s allowance, a bit pricey, but I felt I badly needed help this time so I better cut on some of my expenses to pay for this. Not a bad deal, I thought.

After filling out the initial request form, I was directed to the next page. I was requested to supply further details about the paper, such as type of paper, subject, citation format, number of sources required, topic and further details I wanted to include in it.

There was an option to request for a plagiarism report but it comes for an additional price, around USD 10.00. I was certain Paperhelp company will not send me a plagiarized paper so I opted not to get the plagiarism report. I was also tight in budget that time.

Quality comes for a price

After completing the paper details, I was directed to the price calculator. There were several upgrade options available for me but each came for an extra amount. For example, if I wanted to upgrade the paper into a Bachelor or Graduate School paper, I will have to add a hefty amount on their initial quote. There is also an option to hire Advanced or Top Writer with the best reviews. I guess they were designed for students aiming for an A. I was not really keen at upgrading my paper.

Review about Services

Minor problems

I settled for the regular writer and just hoped that I get a great paper. Since I did not choose any upgrade, the total price was the same as the quoted price (USD 115.00.) I was a bit worried how my paper will turn out but I held on to the website’s promising words as well as money-back guarantee. I kept my fingers crossed that they will send me a paper that will meet my course requirements.

Review about Services

I was expecting a quality, A-grade paper in 24 hours – and promised to deliver. They sent me a five-page case study. I could not fault the grammar and punctuation. It was an impeccable paper. However, when I run it through a plagiarism software suite, several lines did not passed the test. I asked them to do revisions. They promised to send back a revised paper. And they did in about six hours. This time the paper was plagiarism free and was good for submission.

In the end

Although I did not find the price student-friendly, in my review I could say delivered their promise. I could give them a passing grade for the paper I commissioned them to write for me.

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