Review about Services

I’ve always sought help from academic writing services because of their time-tested dedication to the craft of writing. In fact, I’ve passed courses with flying colors thanks to their assistance. is no different from other writing companies.

Review about Services

Their website boasted of four qualities:

  • High quality, unique articles;
  • Qualified professional writers;
  • Timely submission;
  • Affordable rates.

I guess every student would be enticed to order from a company that offers these promises. They have all that you need. I was easily impressed by their website, so I immediately placed an order for a 10-page academic research on history. I needed to submit this research paper in 3 day’s time. I supplied SameDayEssay with the course requirements, including a detailed instruction on how the paper should tackle the topic. I even provided a list of suggested readings and resources.

Quite pricey for a quality paper billed me around USD 310.00 for the project. For someone who has worked with other professional writing services, I could easily say the rate is slightly higher than others. But I was thinking that all college essay writing services may be the same, so might as well grab their offer. I checked-out and paid for my writing project.

Review about Services

Quick checkout, faster transactions

The entire process was so quick. In less than five minutes I’ve already placed an order. SameDayEssay sent  a confirmation email. I felt relaxed knowing that my academic paper was being worked upon by a professional writer.

On the second day, I called up their customer support to check on the progress of my research. It took me several attempts before I was able to talk to a customer representative. I asked the customer service representative about my order. He promised that a draft would be sent soon through my email.

Beware of Glitches, Delays

Sadly, I did not receive any draft.

It was the deadline for the project and I haven’t even seen a draft or an outline of my history paper. I was horrified. I was worried and was about to panic. I cannot afford to get a any grade lower than C for this project. I thought of cancelling my order but it was too late for that. I called up SameDayEssay’s hotline numbers.

Review about Services

When I finally got connected, I almost shouted at the gentleman. After profusely apologizing for some technical problems (error with my email address), they finally sent in my research paper. Honestly, I was taken aback, the paper was almost perfect. Although I did some minor revisions to add my perspective on the thesis, the history research paper met all of the project specifics.

In the end

I was even happier when I got a B+ on that research paper. was worth the entire wait, the worry, and the money. If I would grade them, in this review they’d get a decent B+ from me.

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