Review about Services

Recently I decided to continue my education and went back to school. Well, what can I say – at first I thought nothing changed until I got three written assignments in one week! In my old days schools treated students like human being, not writing robots. But what could I do, dropping out again wasn’t an option and I had to hire the service to write my papers on “Art as a mean of protest” and “Japanese influence on Van Gogh art”.

Review about Services

So this review will be devoted to verify whether claims that paid essay services reviews can make student’s academic life easier and more pleasurable.

Review about Service

How painful is it to make an order?

I signed up within a minute and it took me about 5 minutes to place 2 orders. If I put less details about the assignment I could have probably managed it in 3 minutes. Later you will be able to change the details of your order.

Reviews about Services

Can these people be called writers?

Then you are forwarded to a page where different essay writers Vancouver names are with their price for your project (this is a quote for one paper). They seemed like normal people, not some Indians or Pakistani who can only speak slang learnt from pop songs. I read in one review of that the fee that is imposed on the writer by the service is percentage based, that’s why so many prices are similar.

Reviews about Service

How much gold and how many kingdoms do they ask for?

I read a lot in SameDayPapers reviews that you don’t need to pay until the paper is finished. This is only partly true. You don’t need to pay when you make an order. But in order to confirm this or that writer for your project, you need to have a credit card. They accept pretty much all international cards.

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So ideally you can make an order, see what writers the service has and only then decide for sure that you want to buy a paper with them or not. My credit card wasn’t charged at this points, they just reserved the money.

Are they even real?

The contact page might confuse an ordinary user – who is this company anyway? But apart from them being located in far distant, in this review I can only praise their customer support – they were always available to talk within 3-5 minutes that I needed them. So for me this is all that I need from them.

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Last but not least – is legit?

I think the papers I got were pretty decent. I can’t accuse them of plagiarism and for sure there is no SameDayPapers scam. It’s a good service that tries as much as they can to satisfy their customers. If you don’t expect to boost your grade from 0 to 90 points, but simply want to save time on writing a paper – they are a good service to work with.