Review about Services

A while ago I started my own project of independent evaluation of major essay writing services. This review on represents a thorough investigation into how the service works on all levels:

  • Kinds of Offered Services (both types of written assignments and academic levels of writers);
  • Client Support (presence of live people and their willingness to go beyond “standard script”);
  • Writing Style (mistakes, sophistication of writing constructions, content of the paper);
  • Plagiarism (this is a big enough concern to be discussed separately);
  • Pricing Policy (regarding what is advertised and in relation to cost vs benefits correlation).

Review about Services

My Investigation into the Skeletons of Writing Closet

I was very much looking forward to ordering a paper with this service after so many EssayVikings reviews I read. They could be divided into two categories:

  1. Absolutely love it.
  2. scam.

Review about Service

Such separation of customer’s impressions got me curious and I decided to order a “Legal Aspects of Journalistic Investigations” essay with them to write this review of for you to know where the truth lies.

EssayVikings writing – When Creativity Meets Perfection

So, after two days of talking with the writers (I had to be more scrupulous to offer you a comprehensive review), 5 days of waiting and 2 weeks of grading my paper, I can evaluate this service as follows:

  • Types of Services Offered – Excellent

They write pretty much everything you might ever need written.

Review about EssayVikings Services

  • Customer Support – Excellent

When I use online chat to write my reviews, I can be a real pain, that’s for sure. So my respect to the girl: she was patient, understanding, and even offered to call me to guide me through the order process step by step.

  • Prices – Excellent

So far is the best service I found in terms of Cost vs Benefits. They are cheaper than the most advertised services, but deliver much better papers. They work for every penny you give them. Actually they work for free until you decide to pay them.

Review about EssayVikings Service

  • Writing – Beyond Excellent

The quality of my paper is like the icing on the cake of my praising EssayVikings. No, there was no plagiarism. Nor were there any mistakes. But having a mistake-free, plagiarism-free text accounts only for 50% of the score for me. I think professional writing must rise above all that.

Reviews about EssayVikings Services

And my essay written by Essay Vikings writer did: it was simply revolutionary. I think this is why many people underestimate the quality of their essay – here they try to show you another way to approach your paper, discuss your topic from a completely different perspective; reinvent the subject all over again. But, unfortunately, most students are just looking for boring paper that will summarize everything that is written in their books and than they complain: “the wrote my paper on a completely different topic, they don’t understand what it’s about”.

To Conclude the Era of

I think this service deserves special attention from people who want their papers to be noticed (in a positive way) by their teacher. If you want to spike interest and engaged discussion with your paper and rise above everybody else in your class – then is for you!