Review about EduZaurus Services

One of the major challenges of college students is the numerous writing projects. At times, multiple writing tasks will fall on the same deadlinein. It becomes even more challenging if the subject is not within your sphere or you have other equally important tasks to attend to. But since these academic papers often have a profound impact on a student’s final grades, it is very important to do well on each project.

Review about Services

It seems EduZaurus understands the woes of every student. As per their website, their service seems to offer a gleam of hope for desperate students cramming to complete an essay or paper. While the website is based in the USA, their tutors are capable to assist US, Australian or UK students. And as a previous user of the site, I could say they have served their purpose well and have really good reviews.

Eight things I’ve discovered about EduZaurus

  1. Straightforward website EduZaurus design and process ensures faster transaction.
  2. Full customer service support: live chat, email, telephone.
  3. Pre-selected, qualified tutors.
  4. Comprehensive coverage of different fields of study.
  5. Reasonable bids from tutors.
  6. Plagiarism-free academic papers.
  7. Meets agreed deadlines.
  8. Good reviews from happy clients.

Website at first glance

EduZaurus has a very simple, straightforward website design. Compared to most other websites that look cluttered with buttons, ads and design, the simplistic approach of this site makes it welcoming. To place an order, simply click through the type of paper you require: essay, dissertation, book reviews, general article, thesis, business plan, etc.

The simple design also makes it load much quicker.

Reviews about Services

Once you’ve entered your email address, you’d be able to set the details of your project. For the project I requested, I needed an essay about the topic: the significance of cultural anthropology in the modern society. The five-page paper was due in three days and needed to be at university writer level. I had no additional instructions but if you have any, you can include special instructions or even attach supporting files. After clicking the “Proceed to Bidding” button, EduZaurus writers would supposedly make bids.

The loading time was quite sluggish. Probably, the site had no tutors online or was still processing the details of my request.

Review about Services

Tutors’ credentials

When it comes to hiring a tutor, lets you choose from among a number of tutors. You can easily browse through profiles of the bidding tutors. I even had short chat with some of them, who has reliable and fresh reviews. If their profiles were indeed true, I could say they are qualified. The user-ratings come handy in picking writers. I just wished there was a way to validate their claims. I’ve checked that the website is based in the US, but their tutors are as equally skilled in the Australian, Canadian and UK grammar. Basically, they can be used whether you are in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

Reviews about Services


For a five-page essay with deadline set in three days, the EduZaurus writers made a bid of $105. I’m not sure if there was an algorithm that calculates how much a paper would cost. Actually, this part of the process makes me doubt if the site’s tutors are indeed real or bots. In essence, however, the bidding process could help keep rates well-controlled and reasonable. It makes the service student-centric without compromising quality.

As with majority of online transaction, the checkout and payment process is hassle free. I paid using credit card, but the site offers different payment methods. You won’t have a problem with the payment process.

Final words

What I liked most about is their reliability. I got essay before the deadline, so I still had enough time to review it. While the paper is not the best and required minor edits needed, it was generally good. Their services can suit even for Canadian, US, UK and Aussie students (and perhaps other international students too).

Review about Services

I’ve read other reviews with the same sentiments as mine. Based from my experience, it’s safe to say that EduZaurus is a nice site. Their service is definitely breath of fresh air for students who need academic help.