A Thorough Paperell Review: How Does the Service Hold Up?

An online writing company that has been gaining more traction these days is the Paperell website. This is why I decided that it was time to check it out, although the business has been around for several years. To get a clearer understanding of how this agency worked, I decided to take on the role of the customer. These are all of the notes that I made regarding the process:


The first thing that I analyzed in this Paperell review was the services offered by this web-based writing company. While the site is best known for its different types of essays, this isn’t the extent of your choices. You can also place an order for these options as well:

  • Research Paper
  • Coursework
  • Term Paper
  • Lab Report
  • Thesis
  • Assignment
  • Dissertation

Clearly, it doesn’t matter what stage of your tertiary education that you are in. This writing business will be able to provide you with a wide variety of documents to suit your needs.


With the previous writing websites that I have checked out, I was often provided with a price calculator. This helped me figure out how much I may have to pay for a particular piece of work ahead of time. The Paperell prices, however, wasn’t provided to me in this way.

With this agency, the writers are the ones who proposed the cost to me. It was then up to me to select the one that fit my budget. I was informed that the prices mentioned to me were determined by a few things. This included the number of pages I wanted, how quickly I required the assignment, and the ranking of the writer as well.

Customer Support

I always make it a point to test out the customer service rather early on with any writing site. This is how I decided is Paperell legit or not. The great thing about all of the customer support with this agency is that it is direct. Whether you select the Live Chat or the phone line, you are able to get through to someone immediately. This is very helpful if you are trying to resolve a problem.

support Paperell


As mentioned, I did have a couple of different choices when it came to the writers. So, in an effort to see whether I could get similar results from each of them, I placed orders with a few, individual writers. I used price and ranking as a way to differentiate between them.

The results were fairly mixed when I got the essays back. While the Paperell plagiarism assurance had been maintained – all of the work was wholly original – I couldn’t say that the same for the quality. The costlier papers by the more experienced writers were much better than the lower ranked, cheaper papers. So, your main goal is quality, you do need to be pickier with your writers.

Guarantees and Safety

This online writing business is very serious about its standards. This is why they promised me that I would get my money back if the work wasn’t composed according to my instructions. I found this to be an excellent policy, even if it only ensured that writers would be more careful about their work.

As for the safety aspect of it, the company is very discreet. There is no chance of your details getting out or even anyone knowing that you are receiving a Paperell essay in the first place. What’s more, all of the payment methods are familiar as well as secure.


One thing that I noticed – and that was backed up by other Paperell reviews – was that this website is a breeze to use. Apart from the writer selection process, placing the rest of my order was quite simple. To add to this, I enjoyed the fact that the site had mapped out each step clearly. I was able to glean all of the information that I needed for my research in a relatively short period of time.


Before I could definitively decide is Paperell reliable, I had to first take a look at their writers. According to the agency, they put all potential candidates through a battery of writing assessments. This is meant to identify whether or not a writer is capable of maintaining the writing company’s standards.

Of course, I couldn’t actually check whether this was true or not. However, I did get to see the different rankings of each of the writers. I had to make my decision based on this, as well as some other basic information. Since I did find out that there is quite a bit of discrepancy here, it’s difficult to know how well this particular setup works.

writers Paperell


Here are the pros of this service:

  • Lots of features to select from
  • Great customer support
  • Reliable
  • Free of plagiarism


These are the cons:

  • Hard to select suitable writers
  • Payment not mentioned upfront


While there are a few things that this agency needs to improve on, it is still a good writing service. As long as you are willing to pay a higher price, you should be matched with an experienced and capable writer. Not to mention, you will also be able to have a number of different tasks handled for you.