Review about Services

The last month of the academic year has always been a hectic one. Exams, academic papers, projects, and reports all happen during this month. Aside from these academic tasks, different things also crop up such as family issues or an urgent job assignment. Academic writing professionals have always been helpful for me.

Review about Services

I’ve previously worked with online college essay writing services and have had great experience. Just like other academic writing companies, promised:

  • Top quality, unique projects;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Money back guarantee;
  • Client satisfaction.

Experienced minor problems easily caught my attention due to their guarantees. They also boasted of 5 solid years of experience in the academic writing business. Not to mention, they have a very user-friendly website with simple purchase process, and a lot of positive customer reviews. I was impressed at the professionalism of their website but encountered a few problems. I made an order for a research paper about health science and medicine. I needed the ten-page paper delivered in 48 hours and I wanted it to be of perfect quality or else I’d get a failing grade.

Review about Services

I supplied the order details and was billed around USD 330.00 for a “High Quality/Normal Charge” paper. I wanted to try the “Premium Quality/Double Charge” but it was beyond my budget, around USD 550.00. I settled for the High Quality instead. The rate, even the normal charge, is obviously higher than what other article writing companies charge but I badly needed a good paper so I decided to go for it anyway.

What is the next?

But as the deadline draws near, red flags started to become apparent. First, EssayWriter asked for an extension. I wasn’t quite sure about the reason, but I thought it was fine with me. Anyway, I was left with no other option but to wait.  After 2 hours of delay, they finally sent in my research paper. I read the paper and it was pretty good. Although the paper does not follow the right citation style and had a few errors in grammar and punctuation, the overall ideas and perspective was intelligible.

Review about Services

Based on the research paper, I could easily say that the writer I picked at was knowledgeable and qualified to write on the topic. He presented great arguments that I could have not thought of myself. Overall, the academic paper was good. It was logical and intelligible. I could not remember the grade I got for the paper but I know it was a decent one.

In the end

The whole experience with is pleasant. Their very welcoming website speaks so much of the kind of service they offer. For someone who has had experiences working with other academic writing services, in this review I could say is not the best out there but a good pick. I’d give this site a passing 3 or 4 out of 5 stars!

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